BREAKING: Trump Orders Army to Evict Sioux from Standing Rock at Gunpoint

Donald Trump has officially ordered armed federal authorities to begin clearing out the camps of the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters.

Yet again, American forces are storming lands that rightfully belong to Native Americans per U.S. treaties. Trump’s hearkening America back to one of its ugliest historical legacies.

The only difference is that our soldiers aren’t on horseback this time. Now, they’re using snipers, bulletproof armor, and Humvees to storm the Native Americans’ protest camps.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe have been rallying for weeks now to prevent the DAPL from running through their sacred lands and contaminating their supplies of underground drinking water. They are officially surrounded, though, and Trump’s ordered his forces to move in.

Obama halted construction on the pipeline at the end of his presidency so that further environmental studies could be conducted. Trump’s showing the entire world that he fully intends to move ahead on the project, no matter who gets in his way.

Trump has ended Obama’s environmental investigation, which comes as no surprise seeing as how Trump has well-established connections to the fossil fuel industry in America. The Orange One is doing his best to make sure he AND his tycoon bucks make more than a pretty penny.

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