BREAKING: Trump Orders Army to Evict Sioux from Standing Rock at Gunpoint

There are even more conflicts of interest at work, however. For instance, the top executive on the DAPL project has previously gifted upwards of $100,000 to Trump and Trump’s PACs. It’s obvious: Big Oil has done Trump favors, and now he’s doing one for them.

We all must sit back now and wonder what comes next for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Whatever ends up happening, there’s no question that they’re in a bad spot now.

It’s a shame that the United States signs treaties that it has no intention of keeping. The DAPL is being built on officially-recognized Sioux lands, but Team Trump doesn’t care who the land belongs to.

Politics should be about using diplomacy 99% of the time. Instead, Trump’s letting it be known that his primary form of negotiating is bullying. Continue reading